Squirrel Eats Bird Live on Camera {Video}

Squirrels are usually seen as cute little forest creatures that would not hurt a fly. Most people do not realize that squirrels are opportunist. They will at times eat things besides nuts and occasionally they will wet their appetite with meat.

Rosalie Ash caught a friendly neighborhood squirrel dinning on what looks like a little sparrow. It is not clear from the video if the squirrel caught the bird alive or if it just scavenged the bird. Either way you can tell the camera person is to to thrilled with his meal.

That is nature at it’s finest. It is a Squirrel eat bird world.

Um….ok nature is being terrifying just in time for Halloween. Omg(For licensing and usage, contact: licensing@viralhog.com)

Posted by Rosalie Ash on Monday, October 29, 2018