Squirrel Hunters Attacked by Deer – They Had to Put It Down {VIDEO}

A pair of hunters were attacked by a whitetail buck while they were squirrel hunting. The deer walked up to them and charged one of the hunters. He was able to get it under control but the deer attacked a second time. Once again he was able to fend it off and they were able to put some distance between them and deer. They looked back and it charged again. At this point, they felt the only option was to put it down.

James Moore relayed the event in a Facebook post.

I got attacked by a whitetail! Today me and Laine McGee we’re squirrel hunting on some public land when we spotted a buck across a field. The deer spotted us and walked right up to us. The buck then charged me thinking I was another deer and I had to wrestle the deer until I could get him under control. I held on until I couldn’t anymore and when I let go the deer charged me again. Finally after fending of the buck for a 2nd time we were able to put some distance between us and the buck only too look back and see the deer charging down the hill at us. My focus was on keeping myself and Laine safe since the tines of the antlers were very sharp and could cause serious injury. With the deer not giving up I eventually had to put the deer down just so we could get back to the truck safely. Big lesson here is to not mess with or trust wild animals. I’m glad I walked away with minimal scratches but it was definitely an experience to remember.

Facebook post by James Moore

In the comment section of the post, Laine McGee states that they did call the game warden and he agreed that they were defending themselves and had to take lethal action.

 it was definitely not a decision we wanted to make but the game warden gave us the go to defend ourselves. We tried so hard to avoid taking it to that level but there was no give

Laine Mcgee is responce to Bruce Sapp’s Comment

Definitely glad both hunters have nothing but a few scratches and a story to tell. It could have been a lot worse.