Stand Up Comedian Goes fishing and it couldn’t be funnier {VIDEO}

My favorite comedian Theo Von recently moved from LA to Tennessee, and he is getting back in touch with his country roots.

Theo Von is most known for his podcast This Past Weekend, where he talks with a bunch of sad guys and then tells jokes. His other podcast, King and the Sting, is easily the funniest podcast available. The podcast is Theo making fun of comedian and former UFC heavyweight Brendan Shaub, While Erik Griffin finally becomes famous for filling in. Shout out to Riffin with Griffin.

If somehow Nick Davis sees this, I have a king it or sting it how Theo holds his rod. I don’t care, but since he is never on King and the Sting, he could come up here to Ohio, and I can teach him how to make his fishing lure and hold that thing the correct way.