Star Wars Style Blaster in .300 Blackout {VIDEO}

If you ever dreamed about having a Star Wars style blaster you may just be in luck. Duray Enterprises LLC has created a pistol chambered in .300 Blackout that looks super close to Han Solo’s blaster for the movies.

In their YouTube video, they break down how the make it and how it works. The company describes the gun as a manually operated, bolt-action, straight-pull pistol.

The Solo 300

It is basically an AR-15 upper that’s been stripped of all the parts that would make the gun cycle. There is no gas block, gas tube, buffers spring, or any other part that makes the gun function as a semi-automatic. This reduces the weight of the gun as well as the cost.

So if you are a Star Wars fan of just a gun enthusiast that wants a unique pistol in the gun safe this SOLO 300 just might be for you.

In this video you can see the desire fire off a few rounds. When he uses the suppressor the gun gun is super quite.

They seem super economical and look really cool to shoot, and by the way Han shot first.