State Cancels Hunter Safety Courses Because of COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak is changing the ways people live and interact with each other. In places like Ohio bars, restaurants, and other establishments have been shut down and the CDC recommends not gathering in groups of more than ten.

All these restrictions have for the mist part left hunting and fishing alone since they are usually done in a more secluded environment, but even they are not immune to some changes.

The West Virginia Natural Resource Polie announced on Facebook that they are canceling all face to face hunters safety courses in the state.

In accordance with the most recent guidelines and best practices recommended by both the CDC and West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources regarding COVID-19 and in the interest of social distancing, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources has decided to cancel all hunter education courses until further notice.

Safety is the WVDNR’s top priority for West Virginia’s hunters. For more information on COVID-19 and the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources recommendations on prevention and preparation, please visit

The WVDNR reminds all West Virginians that online courses are available for a fee. Click one of the links below to access these courses:

Once you pass the course from one of the links provided, immediately print your certificate and contact a local district office or WVDNR headquarters to schedule your Alternative Delivery exam, which includes both written and “hands-on” elements, as well as a portion on the proper handling of a firearm. We can schedule these individuals in one-hour increments. To schedule your Alternative Delivery exam, please call:

District 1 304-825-6787 Farmington
District 2 304-822-3551 Romney
District 3 304-924-6211 French Creek
District 4 304-256-6945 Beckley
District 5 304-756-1023 Alum Creek
District 6 304-420-4550 Parkersburg
HQ 304-558-2784 South Charleston

We are not sure if other states are taking these precautions or what they are doing to accommodate people wanting to take hunter safety courses.

Hopefully, this is just a temporary inconvenience and we can all enjoy ourselves in the woods when hunting season comes along.