State Looking to Institute Bounty on Coyotes

Coyotes are considered a nuisance by farmers, pet owners, and hunters. Now one state is trying to do something about them by introducing a bounty on coyotes.

According to Post and Courier, a South Carolina legislator has introduced a bill that would put a $75 bounty on coyotes killed by hunters. State Senator Stephen Goldfinch’s new bill would pay for the program by increasing the cost of hunting licenses by $1.

“I think it’s time for hunters and other sportsmen to go to war with coyotes, and there has to be some incentive to keep them engaged,” Goldfinch said, adding he thinks hunters would be willing, if not eager, to pay.

“I support any action stance that takes aggressive measures, not including poison, to control the population densities of the coyote,” said David Strickland of the public land hunting advocate Carolina Wildlife Syndicate. He added the population has gotten far out of hand.

“DNR’s position on coyotes is that they are here, they are going to be here and the state will have to deal with them as part of the ecosystem,” Goldfinch said, “That isn’t acceptable when they are threatening residents and hunters are getting their take restricted because coyotes are depleting sought-after game animals.”

“I totally believe we’re going to be dealing with coyotes for the rest of our lives,” Goldfinch said. But “most of the people I know like it (the bounty idea).”

There is no indication that a bounty program would even work. Hunters in a bunch of different states are already killing coyotes in record numbers with little to no impact on their population.

I guess we will have to wait and see if the coyote bounty passes, and if it does see if it has an affect on their population.