State Accidentally Makes Rifle Hunting Illegal

rifle hunting illegal

Leave it to the government to really screw up. In a bid to “fix”and clarify legislation that allowed certain types of rifles to be used 0n private land during Indiana’s deer gun season. The bill accidentally made it illegal for hunters to use all rifles on public land. It passed both houses of the legislature and was signed by the Governor before the error was discovered.

According to Fox 59, in 2016, rifles could be used on public land only when they shot pistol rounds, but high velocity ammunition could be used on private property. This year, lawmakers changed the existing law to clarify the rules regarding high velocity rounds.

The author of the bill, State Representative Sean Eberhart said,The intent of the change was to make it more clear on what high velocity rifle rounds you could use on private property. When that change was made, it inadvertently pulled in the pistol rounds as well [and] unfortunately the law now says that you can use those high velocity and pistol rounds in a rifle, but only on private grounds.”

Eberhart hopes to fix the problem soon. “I’m very confident we can address it come session time in January…but it’s my hope that we can address it short term as well.”

As of right now we are not sure what the fix will be or if it will be fixed in time for the Indiana gun season which opens November 18th.

The Indiana DNR did not directly comment on the legislation but did issue guidance to hunters.

Due to House Enrolled Act 1415 that was passed earlier this year by the Indiana General Assembly, hunters can no longer use rifles when hunting deer on public land, according to the DNR. The DNR says “public land” includes both state and federal property. Before the change was made this year, the use of rifles was legal on public land.

This has defiantly caused hunters some grief. Firearm that some hunters bought thinking they would be legal now are not legal. Hopefully this can all be sorted out but it does not look good for this deer season.

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