State Proposes Bill That will Make Poaching Easier

Poaching proposes a threat to wildlife population and is the same as stealing form law abiding hunters. So it is very surprising that such a pro-hunting state has introduced a bill that would strip Wildlife Officers of a very important tool.

According to Idaho Wildlife Federation, Idaho introduced HB110 that would prohibit IDFG Conservation Officers the ability to search a suspect for illegal animal harvest if they have probable cause.

The clause HB 110 eliminates, is referred to as an “exception clause”- a clause that voids the need for a warrant if probable cause exists. Every law enforcement agency (municipal, county, state, federal) has such a clause, which begs the question: why single out Conservation Officers and wildlife crimes only?

The 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects against unreasonable search and seizure. If an IDFG Officer, or any law enforcement officer, violates the 4th Amendment, courts can settle the matter. The existence of the exception clause does not allow officers to violate the U.S. Constitution

I tried to find the rational for the change to the law, but could find none. I only found pro-hunting groups opposing the legislation. As far as I can tell this would be a gift for poachers, It would allow them to destroy evidence and make it easier to get away poaching.