Steve Rinella Response To Anti- Gun Claims [LISTEN]

Recently many have had concerns about Meat Eater having a new investor. An article from The Federalist started the controversy last week. Here at The Hunting News we debunked these claims rather quickly in an article last week. The Chernin Group Owned by Peter Chernin recently invested in Meat Eater Inc. Peter Chernin is on the political left and has taken anti second amendment positions. With pressure from many fans voicing their concerns, Steve Rinella Released an audio statement that issued no apology.

He starts by making it clear that he maintains full creative control over Meat Eater inc. He also points out that Peter chernin has also invested in Fox News and Barstool sports without inserting his personal beliefs in any way.

Rinella goes on to point out his record. Putting out hunting content by working with people outside of the hunting community is a point of pride for him. Rinella continues, ” If we are going to grow hunting and shooting sports, we need to grow them beyond the base that we currently have. We don’t need all of them to become participants, but we do need to maintain a majority that understand our culture and support it.” he added, ” Without this approach we leave our messaging about hunting or guns to those that traffic only in bogus stereotypes and campaigns of misinformation.”

Rinella then adds that his stance for the 2nd amendment is non negotiable. He does not compromise on any gun laws regarding semi automatic rifles or ammunition limitations.

Although there is rarely any politicians on Meat Eater, Rinella states that he will sometimes have Democrats on his show if they support hunting and fishing.

The Reason we have the wildlife in our country today is because of the North American Model set up by Teddy Roosevelt.  He did this by working with many groups on all sides of the political spectrum. Steve Rinella has continued this approach.

I am a huge fan of Meat Eater the TV show on Netflix and his podcast. It is a great show to introduce your non hunting friends to hunting. Focusing on the importance of eating what we kill, Meat Eater has expanded the understanding of hunting to non hunters. Hunters are constantly under attack from non hunters, and laws are being passed to limit our hunting and 2nd amendment rights. Steve Rinella is not the enemy, he is our advocate.

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