Steve Rinella Says He Is Going Vegan

In a surprise interview with the star of the television Show Meat Eater, Steve Rinella announced that he is becoming a vegan. This came as big surprise to the group of fans that surrounded his helicopter. He said he was on his way to talk with his “Hollywood cronies” about the new direction he was taking the show.

He said it all started a few years back when he received a pamphlet from a vegan at a book signing. That pamphlet changed his life, although it took him years to admit it. Rinella said, “I am done living a lie. These last few years I have not been true to myself and have come clean. I just cannot stand the taste of meat anymore; from now on my trophy meal is tofu and veggie burgers.

He still plans on hosting his TV show. They are only going to have to change a few things. The new show will be called Beet Eater and it will have the same premise as the old one but instead of hunting animals Steve will hunt for salad ingredients.

“We have been so successful at having shows without a kill shot; we doubt anyone will really notice the change.”

Steve also plan on rewriting a few of his books. Look for “The Vegan’s Guide to Haute Cuisine” and “Seed Eater: Adventures from the Life of a Vegan Hunter” to be in book stores by the end of the year.