Stranded Hunter Survives Deadly Cold

Have you ever had a brush with death while hunting? I once flipped a kayak while duck hunting in January and got stage one hypothermia. I was able to get warmed up pretty quick and was never in real danger, but it does make you think about how fragile life is and how quick things can go wrong.

A Minnesota hunter is lucky to be alive today after things went wrong on a grouse hunting trip. According to CBS 10 out of Minneapolis, 72-year-old retired Sheriff Deputy  Dave Quiser decided to go grouse hunting on Christmas Day north of his home.

Then everything went wrong. His truck got stuck on a back road  He had no cell phone and no way to signal help. Worst of all nobody knew where he was.

“I found myself in, as deputy sheriffs would say, ‘deep doo-doo,'” Quiser said.

That night the temperatures dropped to around minus 30 degrees. He was able to take shelter in his truck but after that night he knew he would not survive another night and had to walk 3 mile back to the main road.

“I have emphysema and the farthest I’ve been able to walk is one mile,” he said. “I’ve got a father and a brother, both deceased. I called upon them both for strength.”

About two miles into his walk Quiser fell so he started crawling.

“I couldn’t get up, but I wasn’t going to quit,” he said.

Just when he thought he could not go on much further a vehicle came down the logging road. A father and son were checking some logging equipment when the came across Quiser.

“Lo and behold, a truck pulled up alongside of me, and the guy asked me if I’m alright. I said, ‘Hell no I’m not all right [laughs]!'” Quiser said. “They saved my bacon, without a doubt.”

They were able to take Quiser to a local hospital for treatment. That hospital transferred him to another Hospital in St. Paul. He will end up missing some finger due to frost bite, but that did not get him down.

Quiser gives us a little bit of wisdom after his ordeal, “Let your family know where you’re going, and never give up. Never, ever give up.”

Things could have been a lot worse. I am glad he made it out and was able to see his family. He is a lucky man.