Strange Fish Terrifies Village

It is not often that a fish terrorizes a village but that is what is being reported. A strange fish with a strong thick tail, rows of sharp teeth and powerful jaws – has been terrifying locals living near Lake Krugoe in Siberia. And it is said to have tried to bite a number of people who had hoped for a close look at the freaky fish. Some feared it was a “mutant” born after radioactive waste was dumped in the lake by a chemical factory.

According to The Sun News, the four-foot monster has finally been hooked by fishermen – and it looks even scarier on land. Video footage shows it chomping down on a stick held out by one of the anglers as it writhes on the grass. Viewers of the footage said it looks like a mutant cross with the head of a giant piranha and the body of cod-like fish called a burbot.

One said: “Geez, this creature looks both scary and disgusting.”

Experts later identified it as a wolffish, a bottom-feeding predator normally found in the Arctic sea. It is at risk of extinction and is a protected species in Canada – where Inuit fishermen know it as the “old woman fish” because of its ugly face.

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