Student Cleans Turkey During Class Zoom Meeting {VIDEO}

These are strange times we are living in, the coronavirus has disrupted many things in our lives including school. Schools have adapted to using Zoom an online meeting service to facilitate learning. The great thing about it is you can call in anywhere.

Timber Lynn Mitchell filmed one of her classmates cleaning a turkey during class time and posted the video to Facebook.

The teacher is taken back but is super supportive of his student cleaning the turkey and getting some great tasting meat.

It is good to see people going outdoors and sharing our love for hunting with the rest of the world. Great video and congratulations on your bird.

I am glad people are making the best of the situation and doing what they can to go out into the great outdoors. For those of us that hunt it is a passion that runs deep. I explain the intricacies of the drive in my book, Why We Hunt: The Five Motivations of the Modern Hunter available on Amazon.