Study Confirms what Hunters Already Know

A British Study has confirmed what hunters have been saying for a long time. People are “Losing touch with nature.” Although the study focused on people in Great Britain many of the same things are true in the United States as well. Some of these numbers are shocking but not really surprising.

The telegraph did a story on the study and reveled some very interesting things. For instance seven-out- of-10 people feel they are losing touch with nature. More than a third of parents admit they could not teach their own children about British wildlife. Also, large proportions of people could not identify an oak tree or a barn owl, while a significant number said they had never set eyes on a hedgehog.

The study found 69 percent of those questioned felt they were losing touch with nature, while 37 percent of parents confessed their knowledge was not enough to teach their children. An estimated 13 percent of people said they had not even been to the countryside for more than two years.

The survey is the latest to highlight the lack of wildlife knowledge among the public. Another recent poll found that more than half of the public could not identify a sparrow.

That research in April backed by the RSPB found that of 2,000 adults who took part, more than a quarter could not say for sure they had ever seen a blue tit, and a fifth did not know that a red kite was a bird.

I believe the United States would have similar findings if the same study was done here. People are not engaged with nature like they used to be. Woodsmenship and forest knowledge seem to be lost arts. It is sad but true, modern convinces have pulled people away from the outdoors and it is probably only going to get worse.

The US does have one huge advantage over our friends from across the pond. We have millions of acres of public land that everyone has deed to. These lands are our best hope to keep people engaged with nature and need to be protected at all costs.

To read the story from the Telegraph CLICK HERE