Study Confirms that Bleach KIlls CWD Prions

When it comes to fighting CWD, any news that helps us stop the spread it is good news. And that is exactly what we have here, a little good news that hopefully will result in in bigger news farther down the road.

According to Wisconsin Public Radio, A recent study shows that household bleach deactivates CWD prions on metal surfaces. This confirms the recommendations by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources that hunters, deer processors and taxidermists should soak tools in a bleach solution.

It was widely assumed that soaking tools in bleach would kill chronic wasting disease prions from infected deer. This is because bleach has been used to destroy other deadly prions. However, no study actually tested it on CWD prions. Thanks to this study the suspension is confirmed.

Another good thing that came out of this study was that the amount of bleach needed to kill the prions was reduced. The old recommendation was to use a 50/50 mixture of bleach and water and soak for an hour. The new recommendation is to use a 40% solution and soak for five minutes. This saves time and will result in less corrosion on knives and other tools.

Unfortunately, beach is only effective on metal surfaces. Beach has proven to be ineffective on prions that are on flesh.

One discouraging aspect of the study is that they found even tiny pieces of tissue weren’t effectively inactivated by bleach under the conditions they tested,” said Joel Pederson, a soil science professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who has researched CWD prions.

In the fight against CWD every bit of knowledge counts and every piece of information hopefully leads us closer to an effective way to control it and it’s spread.