Study Shows CWD May Jump to Humans by Eating Infected Meat

A hunter’s worst fear may be a reality. A new Study out of Canada shows that there might be a pathway for CWD to make the species jump to humans by eating infected game meat. There has always been the speculation that it could happen but as of now there have been no confirmed cases.

According to Wyofile, primates developed Chronic Wasting Disease after consuming tainted meat in an experiment, giving heft to Wyoming Game and Fish Department advice to test game meat
from suspect hunt areas.

The experiment led by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency resulted in transmission of CWD from cervid (moose, deer and elk) meat to primates —  cynomolgus macaques monkeys. The monkeys were infected by both an injection into the brain and by CWD-infected muscle fed into the stomach via a tube.

The findings suggest that primates could potentially contract the fatal disease simply by eating meat from infected animals. It was previously suspected transmission could only occur through handling or consuming tainted brain tissue.

As of right now this study has not been peer reviewed, so we are dealing with preliminary results. But according to Health Canada “These findings suggest that CWD, under specific experimental conditions, has the potential to cross the human species barrier, including by enteral (intestinal) feeding of CWD infected muscle.”

This study is very concerning and I am looking forward to see it once it has been peer reviewed. Hopefully we are able to find a solution to this disease and stop it from spreading.

You can read the complete Article form Wyofile and review the preliminary study results by CLICKING HERE