Study Shows How Much of an Urban Coyote’s Diet is Made up of Cats

We all know coyotes are very adaptive to urban environment. I do not think there is a city in the country that has not seen a increase in populations and peoples pets are feeling the heat. Coyotes are chowing down on pets and a new study shows they make up a large part of the coyotes diet.

According to The Guardian, the National Park Service completed a 2-year study of over 30,0000 pieces coyote scat and now have a pretty good idea what coyotes in Southern California are eating.

This may not come as a surprise to a lot of people, but at least 20% of an urban coyote is made up of cats. This seems to be the coyote’s bread and butter. In one California neighborhood, residents reported 40 pets being taken in a six month period.

One interesting discover is that pet owners seem to be unwittingly attracting coyotes with their choice of landscaping. It turns out that the largest part of a coyotes diet is ornamental fruit, including fruit from palm trees, small red berries called pyracantha, and grapes found around people’s homes. These trees attract coyotes, who then find the neighborhoods cats and small dogs.

A lot of other interesting and strange things have been in the coyotes poop. The study reported finding work gloves, rubber bands, condoms, even a piece of a computer keyboard. I guess it goes to show that there is not a lot of things a coyote will not eat.

I know a lot of pet owners are not happy about coyotes, but they do seem to be taking care of the feral cat population in a lot of areas. This helps songbird and other small rodent populations that cats decimate.