Sturgeon Season Closed After 78 Minutes of Fishing

The season only lasted 78 minutes

If you slept in last weekend you missed the entire sturgeon fishing season on Black Lake in Michigan. It opened on February 2nd at 8 AM and ended 78 minutes later. It may be one of the shortest fishing seasons on record in Michigan.

According to Grand View Outdoors, 403 anglers hit the ice competing for a lake limit of six sturgeon. They were able to go after the big fish with either hook and line or spear. The season was scheduled to last five days or when ever the limit was caught.

IT ended up being the latter; it only took 78 minutes of fishing before all six were caught. According to the DNR, the first four sturgeon harvested were males ranging from 52 to 60 inches, and 25 to 47 pounds in weight. The final two fish were females ranging from 61 to 72 inches long, and 54 to 80 pounds in weight.

After the sixth fish was caught all hell broke loose. The DNR used fireworks, text messages, and walked the ice notifying the anglers that the season was closed. They did not want some angler saying they did not realize the season closed.

So if you want to go out and fish Black Lake for sturgeon next year make sure you do not sleep in or you could miss the whole season.