Suburban Man Charged with Killing Deer from Bedroom Window

If you live in the country shooting a deer out of your bedroom window is not really an issue as long as it is deer season. If you do it suburban Buffalo out of season you might have a problem.

According to New York Upstate News, James R. Mikac, 57, of Lackawanna, New York faces $4,500 in fines after being ticketed for allegedly shooting an 8-point buck out of his bedroom window over bait earlier this month.Not only was it not deer season but the community has a year round hunting ban.

On January 8th, the Lackawanna City Police contacted Department of Environmental Conservation concerning an 8-point buck that was shot in a resident’s backyard.

After finding 50 pounds of cracked corn on the ground and a lengthy interview with Mikac, “it was determined that the deer had been shot with a crossbow out of the bedroom window of the man’s residence.”

Turns out this was not the first time Mikac had done this. Back in 2011 he was charged for illegally taking a deer in the neighborhood. It makes you wonder how many deer he killed between 2011 and 2018.

Machnica issued summons for taking deer out of season, hunting deer over bait, killing deer except as permitted (in a closed area), and unlawfully feeding deer. Mikac faces fines of up to $4,500 and court surcharges.