Super Rare Albino Twins Filmed in Backyard

Twin albino fawns were filmed with their mother in a back yard in Missouri. Christie Morgan Schoen posted the video to Facebook for all of us to see.

What most people do not realize is exactly how rare this is. Albino deer are rare, one study put that number to be around 1 in 30,000. Now Albino twins are even rarer.

Based on biology the deer usually have paternal twins. Meaning either one or multiple bucks fertilize separate eggs. So if two eggs are fertilized the chances for both fawns being albino is 900 Million to 1. so that is highly unlikely.

The other type of twins is maternal which are also known as identical twins. Meaning one buck fertilized one egg and the egg split into two fawns.

I could not find any studies that give the rate of identical twins in deer, but the rate in humans is 1 in 250 births. So if deer are similar than the chance of having identical albino twins is 7.5 million to 1. That is a little better but still pretty rare.

It is also possible that these deer are extremely white piebalds. That condition is more common at 10,000 to 1. making the numbers for piebalds 100 million to 1 for paternal and 2.5 million to 1 for identical twins.

UPDATE!!!! We have 2 little babes! ❤️🦌❤️🦌

Posted by Christie Morgan Schoen on Thursday, June 18, 2020

I do know there are some populations of white deer where the chance of having a matching set of twins is more common. I do not think this is one of these places. These numbers are just quick speculation and are there to give a quick idea of how rare this kind of thing actually is.