Surfer repeatedly punched great white shark to save his girlfriend

An Australian surfer reportedly punched a great white shark repeatedly while it was attacking his girlfriend. The attack is the latest in a string of shark attacks in New South Wales.

The woman \had been surfing at Shelley Beach in the morning when the attack occurred. According to NSW Police, the woman and a man were surfing when she was bitten on the right calf then the back of her thigh. Her companion was forced to punch the fish until it let go.

The Shark has since been identified as a male great white measuring 6.5 meters (10 feet) according to the lifeguard group which responded to the attack.

According to Surf Life Saving NSW in a statement. The male surfer punched the shark repeatedly until it released the woman’s leg. He then helped her out of the water and up to the beach, where an ambulance and emergency personnel were waiting.

“Our thoughts are with the young lady who was injured in the shark attack this morning. And we’d like to praise her fellow surfers who came to her aid so quickly,” said Steven Pearce, CEO of Surf Life Saving NSW, in the statement.

“Our lifesavers and lifeguards moved quickly to close beaches in the area and are now working closely with the NSW Department of Primary Industries to monitor the area to ensure there are no longer sharks in the vicinity.”