Surveillance Camera Catches Coyote Attacking Toddler {Video}

A coyote attacks a little girl

When it comes to coyote attacking humans, small children are in the greatest danger. As this video shows it only takes a second for one to attack and if the parents did not react quickly it could have been worse.

According to York Region, a small child was attacked by a coyote while at home in Aurora, Ontario. The mother, who wants to remain anonymous, and her family just returned from dinner when the two children ran into the back yard between theirs and the neighbor’s house.

The older boy went first then was followed by his little sister. That is when the coyote attacked and attempted to drag her away. The mother quickly intervened and the young girl sustained minor injuries.

You can see the coyote slink by just before the children come into view.

Coyotes have adapted to urban areas and are opportunity hunters. Keep a close eye on your little ones. Thank God it was not worse.