Teacher in Hot Water After Feeding Puppy to Snapping Turtle

Idaho teacher, Robert Crosland got himself into some trouble this past week for feeding a sick and dying puppy to a snapping turtle.  A lot of people are upset that that it was a puppy, if it had been a mouse, fish, or some other less charismatic animal most people would not have a problem. People are upset that the puppy suffered, but that is what happens to all animals that are eaten by predators.

According  to Fox 61, Crosland has taught science at Preston Junior High School for years, but being investigated after multiple sources said he fed the puppy to a snapping turtle after school in front of students. A mother of two of the three boys in the classroom when the feeding happened told the Preston Citizen that the story has been blown out of proportion.

“If anyone has a right to be upset, it is me,” Farahlyn Hansen told the paper. “I am not upset. I felt like it was the more humane thing for Robert to do than to just leave it (the puppy) to die…The puppy was dying.”

Many students, former students, parents and community members have contacted EastIdahoNews.com saying they support Crosland and are disappointed, even angry, that the story has been in the news. A petition titled “We Support Crosland” had over 3,000 signatures as of 9:15 p.m. Thursday, and dozens of Facebook users have posted positive messages in favor of the science teacher.

There has been backlash against Crosland in Idaho and across the country. EastIdahoNews.com has received dozens of phone calls and messages from people furious about what the teacher did. There are online petitions calling for Crosland to be fired, and one has over 90,000 signatures.

Idaho Fish and game have confiscated the turtle and reported that they euthanized it. From what we are being told is because it considered an invasive species in the state

PETA weighted in on the matter with an incredible stupid statement.  “This teacher — who is allegedly known for feeding guinea pigs to reptiles during lessons — is a bully who should not be allowed near impressionable young people,” PETA Senior Director of Cruelty Casework Stephanie Bell said in the statement. “Any youngster who witnessed cruelty in the classroom is now in desperate need of lessons about having empathy for other living beings.”

PETA just loves to ignore science.  Snapping turtles, snakes and other predators eat other animals to survive. Nature is not pretty and in no way a Disney film.  It is cruel and ruthless and even children should learn that lesson.