Teen Breaks 20-Year-old Catfish Record

Catfish are one of my favorite fish to target. There is nothing like sitting on the bank of a lake or river fishing off the bottom, just waiting for something to hit your line. You never know what it could be a little dinker or a monster. In this case, it was a real monster.

According to KOMO News,  A 16-year-old Cole Abshere, of Blaine, Washington, hooked into a massive 37.7-pound, 42 inch long Channel Cat while spin fishing on Lake Terrell.

Cole was fishing with his grandfather and crazy enough it was the first catfish he had ever caught. He caught the beast on a regular pole and 8-pound test.

“You could go all fancy with gear, but what worked for me was a simple pole and a nightcrawler,” Cole said.

What a way to kick off your fishing career. It’s going to be hard to top that one, congratulations.