Teen Dies after Tree Stand Fall, Implales Himself with Rifle

Please keep the family of a young North Carolina hunter in your prayers after he was killed in a tragic hunting accident that occurred in Tishomingo County, Mississippi.

In a report from WTVA, Justin Lee Smith, 17, of Supply, North Carolina died after falling ten-feet from a ladder stand and impaling himself on his rifle. He was able to use his cell phone to call for help but died shortly after the call.

Coroner Mack Wilemon, the person who identified Smith, told news sources that Justin was sitting in a ladder stand when it shifted to the side and he fell out. The coroner reported that Justin fell approximately ten feet and landed on his rifle which impaled him through the chest.

State Wildlife officers are investigating the incident.

Please keep this family in your prayers and always do your do diligence when maintaining your equipment and most of all please wear a harness.