Teen Poacher Arrested for Spotlighting and Killing Fawns

Fish and game officers arrested a South Carolina teen for shooting two fawns at night with the aid of a spotlight.

According to WBTV CBS 3, 19-year-old, Samuel Saye Williams was arrested by S.C. Department of Natural Resources agents for poaching deer with a spotlight.

Resident nearby called the police after they heard gun shots from a near by field. Sheriff deputies found Williams truck and the edge of the field and located Williams when he returned.

The officers notified the Department of Natural Resources who discovered two dead fawns that still had there spots.

“The fawns were young, about two weeks old,” PFC. Aukeem Ruff of DNR said. “They still had spots. When they were found, both had been shot and killed.”

William is charged with illegal use of a light to hunt, hunting an antlerless deer by an illegal method, hunting from a public road and illegal hunting on another person’s land without consent, according to Ruff and York County jail records.