Teenager catches Wels Catfish that weighs nearly 100lbs!

Hannah Truscott from Derbyshire, England, went out fishing on August 13. She almost did not go because the 13th made her worry about bad luck. The 13th ended up being her lucky day because she caught a 96.4-pound wels catfish!

Within minutes of Hannah making it to her luck spot with her father near Essex County in southeast England, she reeled in a wels catfish. There are a couple of ways to catch wels catfish, but Here at the hunting news, we own DeLong Lures (the company that invented soft plastic fishing lures) and sell many of our Giant Witch fishing lures to those targeting wels catfish. Wels catfish like a lot of huge baits!

a young girl with red hair sits with long and large catfish

The catfish was so massive that both Hannah and Paul had to hold it to get a photo. Afterward, Hannah released the fish—her personal best by 25 pounds—and continued fishing. She hauled in five more catfish that day, bringing her total for the outing to 400 pounds. Paul said he and Hannah have been fishing at that lake since his daughter was six years old when he first taught her how to fish.

“From then on, I’ve left her to it, and over time, she’s just mastered it,” he told South West News Service. “She’s spot-on at playing [catfish]. She’s not your normal kid—she just fishes.”