Teens Charged with the Spotlight Killing of 40 Deer and a Horse

A group of teens went on a thrill killing spree over several weeks that left at least 40 deer and one horse dead. They are now facing charges in juvenile court.

According to WXOW Channel 19, Landowners in Clark County, Wisconson have been finding dead deer with gunshot wounds in their field for the past several weeks. They reported the killing of game wardens who opened an investigation.

“During the course of that investigation the Warden’s contacted students at several high schools and several communities in Clark County,” Barnhardt said. “[They] made the determination that several groups of juveniles had been involved in these activities at night for several weeks. These juveniles were going out, spotlighting deer, shooting them with firearms, and just leaving them to rot in the field.”

Barnhardt determined that 6 to 8 teens are responsible for the killings and right now they are working with the Clark County District Attorney’s Office to “reach an appropriate and fair level of enforcement.”

“These types of incidents are not common, but they’re not uncommon. They happen in a variety of locations around the state in the fall and game wardens use the term ‘thrill kill’ for these types of incidents,” Barnhardt said. “Typically they involve groups of young males, usually folks in their late teens, general of legal driving age, or early 20’s.”

The teens will more than likely be charged with breaking at least two Wisconsin statutes: hunting of deer with the aid of artificial light and hunting outside of the designated gun deer season, both Class A misdemeanors.

It may take a few months for charges and an outcome to be finalized and it is very likely we will not hear what exactly the charges or outcome will be since all of those that participated are juveniles and there are laws in place to protect their identities.

Hopefully, the authorities will enact appropriate punishments that set these teens back on track.