Ten Year Old Poacher Charged for Killing Deer

Youth deer seasons are kicking off all across the country and most articles I write about kids involve them getting their first deer or some other great accomplishment. When this article crossed my desk I just shook my head in disbelief, a ten year old poacher. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would write those words, but here it is.

ten year old poacher

A 10 year old Pennsylvania boy was just charged with poaching ten deer in a two night period over Halloween weekend.  He was accompanied by a 17 year old was with him who was also charged. The PA Game commission did not release the name because both boy are minors, so there is not a lot to go on.

According to The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, A tip to the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s “Operation Game Thief” led to charges filed against two boys for illegally killing 10 white-tailed deer in Beaver County, PA with a high-caliber rifle. The boys were not identified by the Game Commission. It only indicated that one was a 10-year-old from Pennsylvania and the other a 17-year-old Ohio resident.

They both were charged with four misdemeanor and six felony for unlawful taking of big game.

In the past poaching cases that have involved kids they were usually accompanied by a relative. Nothing reported here seems to indicate that , but it can not be ruled out.

I imagine the 17 year old was put in charge of watching the the younger boy and for some unknown reason he decided to take him poaching. Since both were charged I would speculate that the ten year old poacher also spent some time behind the trigger. This is pure speculation but it seems probable .

Hopefully this ordeal puts these boy on the straight and narrow path and they refrain from repeating these actions in the future.