Testing the Flashlight Shotgun Round {VIDEO}

Have you ever thought of turning your shotgun into a flashlight? I haven’t, but apparently there is a shell out there that will let you do it. Also, when you are tired of it being a flashlight you can pull the trigger and fire the light out the barrel.

This might be one of the most impracticable shotgun rounds I have ever seen. First the round is too long, you have to remove the barrel to load it. I guess it might work if your gun is chambered in 3.5, but still maybe not.

I guess the thought is that you shoot where ever the light shines, but as soon as you shoot it’s lights out not only for the burglar in your house but you as well. Hopefully, it is not too dark for a follow-up shot.

The video is by MattV2099, here is what he has to say about the video:

Testing the custom Thrunite Ti3 x 12 gauge Weaponized flashlight shotshell in a 20% TSA / FBI spec ballistic gelatin block format. The Ballistic testing gel media was calibrated perfectly to match the major gains and density of an operator who lifts daily. The test gun is the Mossberg 590 A1 with an 18″ barrel. Filmed with three Sony HD AVCHD camcorders and two Sony Action cams. Edited with Final Cut Pro x. The title of this video is WEAPONIZED Flashlight Shotgun Rounds – Ballistic Gel Test. This is the 12 gauge Flashlight Shotgun Slug. We take several Thrunite Ti3 flashlights and convert them into a combination of wax/flashlight slug. Conceptualized as the ultimate home defense round this ammo will strike terror into home intruders. We are Shooting Flashlights from a shotgun vs bullet-proof Gummy Bear. This video was made possible by the generosity of Thrunite flashlights. I pitched them the idea and they sent me several flashlights to test. Please check out their website! Flashlights fired out of a shotgun! For fun!