The Amazing Story Behind the Amish Lucky Buck’s Sheds

Back in 2006 Jonathon Schmucker killed an amazing 300 inch buck that became known as the Amish Lucky Buck. That deer took the internet by storm. Personally, I think I received four or five emails from people showing it to me.

What most people do not know is the saga of that same bucks 2005 sheds. Both sides were found by two different people and have since been reunited.

The North American Shed Hunters Club posted the story to Facebook along with pictures of the sheds.

“One of the greatest whitetails ever killed was the “Amish Lucky Buck” killed by Jonathan Schmucker with a Giant gross well over 300 and a net of 295″non-typical. What is even more impressive is the net frame of the typical portion was higher than the world Record Typical Hanson. The year prior the left side was found in a field and the following fall the other side was found when an out of state hunter climbed in his tree stand once it became light enough for viewing he could see tines sticking out of the leaves about 30 yards from his stand. The distance between the two antlers was about a half-mile away. When the animals left side was picked up a guy had spotted it off the road while being a passenger in a truck with his brother. He didn’t say a word when he saw it as he wanted to have full claim. Once they got back to his brother’s place he hopped in his truck and took off leaving the brother bewildered.. when he came back shortly “let’s just say the brother’s Jaw dropped” did these two get put together the antlers that is. Once the left side was purchased an internet search was typed in under Google saying “Amish Buck Shed Antlers” would you believe that it brought up a post on a hunting forum and someone had posted a picture of the other side saying he found a 120″ plus side from the Amish buck. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for action to take place and a deal was struck between the finder and buyer. The antlers’ gross as they were found in the mid 260s deriving from a huge typical frame in the 210 ish range. I’d have to say the antlers remind me of the Venus flytrap when laid on top of each other…

One of the greatest whitetails ever killed was the "Amish Lucky Buck" killed by Jonathan Schmucker with a Giant gross…

Posted by North American Shed Hunter's Club on Saturday, June 6, 2020

They do not say how much the buyer paid for the sheds but I am sure it was not cheap, but at least they are together where they belong.