The Company that Bought Remington Prepares to Resume Production

In Late 2020 America’s Oldest gunmaker Remington declared bankruptcy and auctioned off all of its assets to a bunch of different companies. While the bankruptcy moved through the courts, Remington was forced to lay off many of its employees, but things are moving forward and these employees are about to head back to work.

According to WKTV News out of Ithaca New York, the Roundhill Group, the entity that purchased Remington’s ¬†Ilion, NY assets, received their license to manufacture firearms and announced a plan to resume production.

They plan on opening the plant for maintenance personal on February 15th to get everything ready for full-scale production that is scheduled to start on March 1st.

Roundhill Group partner, Richmond Italia, said the company plans to bring back 200 employees by the first day of production, and that they are negotiating with local government officials to expand the plant and bring back even more employees.

We’re deep in negotiations with the state, trying to come up with some sort of compromise to build a new facility,” said Italia. “If we are able to come to terms and we do build a new facility, we will consolidate everything in New York, which will bring the company back to 800 to 1,000 employees, eventually.”

We are glad to see an iconic brand like Remington reopen and start producing again. Hopefully, we will start seeing new guns and more ammunition on the shelves in the near future.