The Deer Stand Devotional: A Walk with the Creator Through Hunting Season

Through hunting I have learned a lot about Christ and how to live more like him and I wanted to share those experiences and the wisdom he has shown me to others. So I decided to write The Deer Stand Devotional: A Walk with the Creator through Hunting Season.

Some of the times that I have felt closest to Christ is when I am sitting in a tree stand. There is something about the peacefulness and quietness that connects you to the creator in a way no other activity can.

Here is an excerpt from one of the lessons that explain why:

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1 ESV

“This world is His first testimony and all nature works together to serve His purpose. It shows His power, wisdom, and authority. He designed even the tiniest of details from the rocks, the trees, and all the animals. 

He even designed the things we cannot see such as the microbes that break down the fallen leaves into the dirt that grows the plants that the deer eat. His glory is displayed in everything He created, and as hunters, we are blessed to have a front-row seat to everything that He made

As we immerse ourselves in His, we cannot help but see God. That alone should draw us closer to Him. The very fact that He built this world for us to enjoy is proof that He loves us, and we, in turn, should be thankful for that. 

Every time we climb into our tree stand, we should think about Him and say this quick prayer of thanks for allowing us to experience Him through His creation.”

This is just one of the lessons I have learned from sitting on the stand. I did my best to incorporate every aspect of deer season and the lessons we can learn from them.

Every day you will get a new piece of wisdom that I have gleaned from my time in the woods. There are eight weeks of daily devotional. I divided up the week into six lessons with a verse and a small prayer. For the seventh day’s lesson, I add a hunting story from my own personal time hunting and use it to convey a spiritual truth.

I hope God will use my experiences in the woods to further his kingdom. I hope that you will enjoy and be blessed by my new book.

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