The first turkey season canceled due to CoronaVirus!

CoronaVirus has become a topic of panic across our country and the world. The NBA, MLB, and NHL have all canceled at least part of their season due to the virus. My daughter’s school just closed for the next three weeks. Now for the first time, a turkey season has been canceled due to a viral outbreak.

The Winnebago Wildlife & Parks Department is closing both spring turkey seasons due to CoronaVirus. The closer was announced on Facebook and has many hunters from around the country upset. The park is located in Nebraska and will likely not be the only turkey season closed.

Winnebago Park is an Indian Reservation that is able to make its own regulations. Each year they issue limited permits for hunters to hunt deer and turkey on tribal lands. They are now issuing refunds to the hunters that purchased the limited tags for this turkey season.

We have received unconfirmed reports that at least one state is considering a closer of out of state hunters this turkey season. Let me make it clear that I have not received any official statement on this as of yet, but it is a real possibility. If we receive a confirmation we will post that information on The Hunting News Facebook page.