The Internet Explodes After Celebrity Bear Killed By Hunter

Social Media is a blaze with hate after it was reported that Cinders the Bear was killed by a hunter. Many people will remember Cinders who survived a wildfire back in 2014, but had all four of her paws severely burned. She became an internet sensation with thousands of people from across the world following her recovery.

Cinders recovered and was finally released back into the wild in June 2015. In October of 2017 her tracking collar stopped transmitting. Researcher thought that she was probably denned up for the winter. In September of 2018 a crew was sent out to try and find her. They discovered skeletal remains and the collar sliced off and lying nearby. Those are the basic facts according to The Washington Post.

After reading the article I can already tell that the non-hunting media is trying to turn Cinders into the next Cecil. It was defiantly written to garner as much sympathy for the bear as possible while stoking the fires of hatred against hunters.

It talks about how the bear was an inspiration and gave people hope to rebuild on after the fire that destroyed 300 homes and burned 400 square miles. They show pictures of a pitiful cub wrapped in bandages, struggling for life. They talk about her miraculous recovery. “But that happy ending was short-lived.”

A quick trip to the comments section shows that the article accomplished its goal. Commenter spewed hatred, ignorance, and shouted out death threats to the unknown hunter.

Here are some examples:

The only true Sportsman level Hunting would be Hunters Hunting each other.  It would also help us get rid of many of the NRA White Trash (Trump’s Base), like the one who killed Cindy!

I’m too angry to say anything except I hope all the stupid people with guns all fall over and die immediately.

When’s the last time you went to the Butcher’s and bought bear meat? Never. Just another below average dummkopf with a stupid video game FPS running in a moronic point and shoot excuse for a brain.

A lot of the commenter apparently do not realize that you can eat bear meat, just cook it like pork. Over half the comments say something like “if you are not going to eat it then why kill it?”

To answer that question the bear probably was eaten. Based on the article I can see why a lot of people assume it was not. The article says that the found skeletal remains, many assume that means the bear was not taken. What is more likely is that the hunter processed the bear in the field and left the bones and guts in the field, taking with him/her the hide and meat.

This thinking is confirmed by the biologist who examined the remains. This quote you will not find in The Washington Post’s hit piece. I found it in The Methow Valley News, the local news outlet for the area Cinders was released. (It is a more even handed article)

“It appears to me that all the meat and hide were taken. I take solace in the fact that she provided food for someone’s family.”

A few people are wondering about the color. Why was it cut off and discarded? I will direct you back to the comment section for you to reread the hate. Would you want all of that hatred poured out on you?

I believe the hunter shot the bear not knowing that it had a collar. When he went up to the bear he may have recognized the bear or the collar identified the bear as being Cinders. Visions of what happened to a certain dentist probably came to mind and they wanted no part of that and decided to what was best for them and their family.

Honestly, I cannot blame them, I probably would have done the same thing.

Will Cinders be the next Cecil? I am sure we will find out soon enough.