The Internet Loses It’s Mind Over 12 Year Old Hunters

The State of New York is proposing to lower the age you need to be to hunt big game from 14 to 12. In response to this a local news channel out of Buffalo ran an informal poll on Facebook to get a reaction. Needless to say the anti-hunting trolls came out in force and the ignorance was astounding.

Do you think the legal age to get a hunting license in NY should be lowered to 12?

Posted by News 4 WIVB Buffalo on Tuesday, January 23, 2018

At the time this was written the No’s were a couple of hundred clicks above the Yes’s, but the comments section is where the real ignorance shines through. Here are some comments I thought were note worthy.

Lets start with this gem.

Then we have this lady


Considering Most state have a age requirement of zero these fears are completely unfounded.

I hate to break it to people but hunting accidents are extremely rare. The incident that happened last year in New York is not a common occurrence.

And we have this Vegan who proposes mass genocide instead of hunting.

I will admit some of the comments were kind of funny.

Sadly it was not just the anti-hunters who were speaking out of ignorance there were some hunters that decided to speak out as well.

And then we have this guy. This guy is not helping our cause what so ever. Please do not leave comments like this.

I only highlighted a few of the ignorant comments. If you feel inclined go over to the post read some more. It is a sad time we are living in where ignorance is so prevalent.