The Most Disturbing Matched Pair Ever Found by Shed Hunters

Everyone loves finding a shed antler. Right now the woods are full of hunters trying find bone. But often times they find way more than just antlers. Some hunters have found some really cool stuff and others not so much.

In 2017 a hunter found this disturbing device while he was shed hunting in Pennsylvania and this year a shed hunter found an equally disturbing device also in Pennsylvania. Just by looking at them you know they have to be a matched pair.

The device on the left was found in 2017 and the one on the right 2019 both in PA

The jury is still out on who dropped them. (I really do not want to know.), But rumor has it it might be this guy that was captured on trail camera.

I don’t know who you are or what you are doing and frankly I don’t want to know.

You never know what you will find out in the woods, but if you find things like these please do not touch them. That’s just gross. I don’t know exactly where they have been, but I have a pretty good idea. Always take pictures and then let us know what strange things you happen to come across.