The Most Horrendous Deer Strike of All Time – 20 Pictures

If you drive down just about any road in the rural United States, you are bound to see dead deer lay beside the road. State Farm Insurence states that 1 in 167 US drivers will strike a deer with their vehicle at some time in their life.  In some states like West Virgina those number increase to 1 in 46. Needless to say, if you drive there is a decent chance you will hit one.

Personally, I have hit three in 18 Years of driving. I even totaled a car hitting a small 4-point. But none of them even come close to the deer that Nancy Kurtz hit. She posted the following picture series to Facebook on 12 December 2016 and it went viral.

According to her post she says that a vehicle struck a deer sending it airborne and through her windshield. The aftermath was horrendious. It is amazing that she was able to walk away. God was deffinatly with her that night. The deer not so much.

Here is how she discribed it.

Santa’s reindeer came flying through our windshield last night! So lucky….. Thank you God!! A vehicle coming towards us hit the deer and the deer hit our windshield and landed in the backseat!


Wow! Is all I can say.  I am so glad  everyone was alright.  I can not imagine what it would have been like to be driving and having that deer shoot through the windshield.