The most Priceless muzzleloader round in history

Value is different from one person to another. The price we would be willing to pay for anything will change depending on what we find valuable in our own lives. An ordinary bullet in one person’s gun may be the most priceless thing in the world for another after it has been fired.

I ran across this post on social media, and I wanted to share it with all of our readers. Put yourself in this guy’s position and consider what it would be like to be him. Take that feeling, and do not forget it the next time you are out shooting.

This post comes from Wesley Marsh on Facebook.

ATTENTION LEWIS COUNTY HUNTERS!FOUND:I found this sabot muzzle loader round inside of my house and I would very much like to return it to its owner! I know this round probably only cost around a dollar, however it has quickly increased its value to me and my family. Sometime in the afternoon on 12/20/20 in the McCanns Run Rd area near Jackson’s Mill this round found its way into my home through an exterior wall, an interior wall, and finally rested on a shelf waiting to be found. It just so happened to come through about 10 feet from my kids’ play room. Why the sudden increase in value for a single round? I will gladly tell you. This round could have cost my 10 month old son his life right as he is hoping to take his first steps and enjoy the wonder of his first Christmas. Cost: beyond priceless. This round could have cost my three year old daughter her life while she was having a dance party in her own play room, plotting her plans to be a future president, ballet dancer, or professional craft maker (she hasn’t decided yet). Cost: irreplaceable. This round could have cost my wife her life, who is on the verge of completing her doctorate degree (all while working full time and having a baby at the beginning of a pandemic). Cost: unfathomableThis round could have taken my life, never getting to walk my daughter down the aisle or see those first steps my son is so close to taking. Cost to my family: indescribable. I’m a hunter myself and I think anyone would be a fool to pass up the hunting and fishing opportunities in this state, HOWEVER every shot I take is with the intent to hit my target with zero chance of impacting the life or livelihood of anything other than my target. I should also mention this shot came from someone who was trespassing to begin with!In closing I just want to tell every hunter to consider the cost of every round you shoot. That round might only cost you a dollar or two and a missed chance at a deer, but that round could cost someone everything and it will be a debt you could never repay. I’m angry, I’m disappointed, I’m anxious, and did I mention angry? I am offering a reward for anyone who might have information as to who was muzzleloader hunting in the McCanns Run Rd area on 12/20/20. Lindsay Marsh and I would like to thank the West Virginia DNR for their help in this matter. Hug your kids tight tonight. I know I will.

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