The story behind the buck that gored himself

We recently came across some pictures posted on Facebook of a buck that gored himself with his own antlers. We posted them but could not figure out who the original poster was. Sean Redd contacted us to clarify that he took the pictures and saved the deer.

Sean was sitting on his deck when he heard a buck grunting. He got in his truck and drove down the driveway to find a buck that had gored himself in the back leg. We don’t know how it happened, but most people on social media seem to think he had an ill-placed itch that went horribly wrong.

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Sean took some pictures and then fought with the buck to free the antler from his back leg. The buck ran off and was perfectly fine but maybe a little traumatized. Sean was not hurt as well, but he said it was “nerve-wracking.” One wrong move, and that antler could have been in his leg!

Great Job, Sean. You are a great representative of the hunting community! An outdoorsman who goes the extra mile to help out wildlife shows how much hunters and anglers truly love the animals they hunt and fish for.

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