The Story Behind the Life Vest Turkey

With no ark in sight, this turkey is taking matters into his own hands.

Needless to say, it has been raining a lot in the southern part of the country. The Carolina’s have been getting pummeled by torrential rainfall for what seems like forever. And with no ark in sight, it looks like even the wildlife are preparing for the worst by donning life vests.

The picture of the life vest turkey was taken in North Carolina by Joey Murphy. The pictures got posted to Social Media and they went viral. Now everyone seems to be wondering how the bird got in such a predicament.

Joey Murphy took these photos of the life vest turkey

I just happened to be part of a Facebook group with the photographer and he told us story behind the life vest turkey.

According to Joey, “My cousin back home in WV asked me how much rain was we getting and I thought….. hold up I’ll show ya!! You ain’t gonna believe it.”

He gets one of his turkey mount throw an orange life vest over its head and takes a few pictures and the rest is history.

Joey Murphy and the life vest turkey minus the vest

I have to say he did a great job with the pictures. I initially thought they were real. I have seen deer with things stuck in their antlers and just thought it was something like that.

Props to you Joey for playing a prank on the entire internet, and helping us to remember to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously.