The Top 10 Hunting Tattoos We Could Find

Hunting is a part of us. Many people love tattoos with meaning.

If you are going to get one spend the money to get it done correctly.

Here are my favorites.

10. Our heritage is important and remembering the ones who taught us is important.

9. I am a fan of the black Tattoos keep it simple but make sure it looks good.

8. If you like colored tattoos this one is sweet!

7. Turkey are ugly! If you are getting a turkey tattoo ask this guy who he used

6. This takes commitment!


5. Elk is my dream hunt I can’t wait to go next year!

4. I would never get this kind of tattoo but what’s up with the shoes?

3. As a bow hunter I love this

2. How do you make a tattoo like this?

1. My dream tattoo is a sleeve like this!


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