These Teens Should Be Arrested, This is not Hunting [VIDEO]

As hunters we owe a certain level of respect to the animals we pursue.

For the majority of us we give that respect unconditionally. Whether we are pursuing deer, turkey, or small game we give respect to that animal when we make a harvest.

I will warn you this is a graphic video of animal abuse. This is not hunting whatsoever. These teens beat this turkey to death with a bat. It is sickening. According to some of the comments I have seen about the video, the teens are seniors at United High School in Ohio. The girl who filmed and posted the video to her snapchat is Karissa Pizchek. The boy with the bat is Drew Browne.

These two people should be punished for their crimes. If you doubt they committed a crime then I am inclined to inform you that turkey season does not start in Ohio until April 23rd and as of writing this it is only April 16th. So one charge for sure would be taking an animal out of season. I don’t know for a fact but i’m pretty sure this would also fall into some animal cruelty laws.

Stories like these give hunters a bad name. As hunters we need to hold people accountable for breaking the law. This is not hunting and it is not acceptable.