This Hunter’s Act of Sportsmanship Should Inspire Us All

Since the invention of social media it seems all hunters do is bash each other. We criticize each other over weapons, method of take, or any number of unimportant issues. But today was different. A story of great sportsmanship came across my desk that shatters the narrative that social media is tearing hunters apart.

According to a Facebook post from the Indiana DNR, hunter, Joe Mitchell discovered a dead buck. He could tell that it had been shot and realized that the hunter that shot it was probably heart broken to lose the deer. So he went to Social media and posted about the buck on the Facebook group Bucks of Indiana.

Through that site he was able to locate Andy Allender, the hunter that shot the buck and aided in the recovery.

Here is the post from the DNR.

Here’s a great example of integrity and sportsmanship demonstrated by a Hoosier hunter in Kosciusko County this evening. While scouting a new property, Joe Michell stumbled upon a trophy whitetail that had recently been taken. Nobody was around to claim the deer and Joe reached out to the hunting community to reunite a hunter with the deer he found. After a while, Andy Allender was able to provide Joe with information to confirm he shot the deer and was reunited with his deer a short time later. Joe and Andy met and drug the deer out together. Thanks for your integrity and sportsmanship, Joe!

It is so awesome to see such great sportsmanship and integrity. This kind of action should be the rule not the exception. Great Job! Joe Mitchell we salute you.