Thousands In Prizes To Take Out a New Hunter!

Oregon successfully had its first ever, Take a friend hunting contest. This contest gave thousands in prizes to hunters that took a new hunter out for the first time. 776 hunters took out 776 new hunters in the first year!

22 people won prizes this year. The prizes ranged in from $50 gift cards to a state wide deer tag. here is a list of all the prizes

  • Bi-Mart – Monarch 5 10×42 Binocular ($250)
  • Boone & Crockett – Legendary Hunts of Theodore Roosevelt by John Seerey-Lester
  • Cabela’s – $500 Gift Card
  • Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation – Otis Technology Gun Cleaning System (for Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns) and Halo XL 450 Rangefinder
  • Ducks Unlimited – Landing Zone in Realtree Max5 camo
  • Kershaw – Ultimate Knife Package
  • Mule Deer Foundation — Siberian Sidekick Cooler
  • Nosler – Five $100 Gift Cards
  • ODFW/Oregon Hunters Association – ODFW Statewide Deer Tag (OHA to purchase tag for winner)
  • Oregon Sportsmen’s Caucus – Wild Game Innovations Vision 8 Lightsout Trail Camera
  • Pheasants Forever – Tenzing Upland Vest, Tenzing Shooter’s Bag, Browning DIY Butcher Kit, Behring Pintail Knife
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation – Eberlestock Me Team Elk Pack
  • Sportsman’s Warehouse – Two $250 Gift Cards
  • Vista Outdoors – Camp Chef Package: Stove, Cast Iron Set and Chef Utensils Set
  • Wild Sheep Foundation – Sitka Pants and Jacket

“Learning to hunt can be challenging for adults who didn’t grow up hunting,” said Chris Willard, ODFW recruitment and retention coordinator. “Mentoring by a friend or relative is a great way for those interested in hunting to get started.

If this program was implemented to all 50 states and saw the same amount of success we could add 38,500 new hunters every year. Hunter numbers are declining across the country, and funding dropping dramatically. we need new hunters buying license and tags in order to fund hunting in the US.

Hunting companies would be more than happy to donate to increasing their customer base and getting free advertising. I live in Ohio and will contact the ODNR and hunting companies in order to facilitate this same program in my state. Stay tuned to The Hunting News on Facebook for updates on my attempts to push this forward.