TikTok bans video of deer hunting but leaves videos of underage girls shaking their butts

TikTok is a new social media giant that plays short videos. The new platform has exploded this year and promotes a lot of dancing and silly videos.

The Hunting News started a TikTok channel and quickly got 150k followers. We noticed quickly that we were getting in trouble for quite a few of our hunting videos. TikTok is a very liberal platform that bans many hunting and gun-related videos.

After looking for the most famous TikTok star, I came across 15-year-old Charli d’ Amelio. With nearly 100 million followers, she dances to songs such as promiscuous girl and big booty bitches while dressed provocatively and shaking her butt for the camera. She also shakes her butt to lyrics such as, “I get hard when she walk pass me. look at dat ass.”

It is disturbing that this platform will allow children to act like a porn star while banning hunting and gun videos.

One hunter had a video taken down that did not show any blood or even any kill shot. TikTok determined it was still a violation of their terms of service. You can see a screenshot of TikToks notification below.

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