Tim Wells Kills Elk with Spear

I have been impressed with Tim Wells ever since I saw him shooting doves with a bow. He has continued to impress me with his other exploits, such as hunting with a blow gun or a spear. There is nobody like him on the planet. The patience it takes to get close enough to make it happen with those weapons in unbelievable.

Tim just posted his latest kill to his Facebook page and it is just as impressive as his other kills. He has added elk to the animals he has taken with a spear.

It’s taken me five years to do it but at last, I have speared a bull elk! Standing on a large cedar limb I waited along a well used trail of which elk have used for generations. As the sun began to set behind me a thousand feet above, a bull released his lone bugle. It echoed against the opposite canyon walls which put me on full alert. I gripped my spear tighter than before then turned on my cameras. I was ready! Below me water trickled it’s way through the Davis Mountain valley. They were coming to drink! I released a soft cow call into the still forest air only to be answered with an even higher pitched mew of an approaching elk calf. Moments later it stepped into view then lightly pranced past my hide, oblivious to the danger above. A big cow then appeared but stopped. Fifteen yards out she stood alert, scanning ahead yet below me. She then looked back up the mountain and raised her ears. He bugled again. And now he was close. Patiently I waited until finally, out he stepped. Fifteen yards away in all his glory he laid his antlers back then shook the forest with a grungy scream that cooled my spine with a rush of rich adrenaline. I held my breath with spear raised and heart pounding wild. It felt alive in my hands, perched and ready to fly. The bull looked left then to my surprise began to circle around the cow then without hesitation walked into range! Ten yards out, I waited for him to continue and pass below me. Below, his peripheral vission would miss the throw. Instead he stopped then looked back to the loan cow who had remained standing alert. By looking away from danger, the bull had forfeited his upper hand. It was my moment and the time was now. At the throw the cow instantly saw me whip the spear and whirled to run. For the bull? It was too late. For the blades had split the thin air only to sink deep in his thick chest. Still, in a flash the bull wheeled back up the mountain running wild through heavy cover, vanishing into the shadows of the dark forest. I listened to his escape. Still I could hear the spear hammering it’s way up the mountain, tearing at my prey. And moments later, I heard the inevitable crash as he bailed head long into deaths gates.

Awesome Job Tim keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to us all.