Top 10 Hottest Female Anglers

There is only one thing better than a fishing trip.

That is a fishing trip with one of these lovely ladies!

Don’t be fooled by their good looks this girls can fish better than most of the guys reading this post!

10. Cheyenne Lee

She is all about spear fishing. She holds the world record for woman’s grouper and king fish. She has won many tournaments and is the real deal when it comes to spear fishing!

9. Tina Cerrone.

With her girl next door look Her favorite fish to catch is a sword fish. As a very accomplished angler she is also in college getting a degree in nursing! With Brains and beauty Christina is Truly a unicorn for any guy lucky enough to catch her!




8. Brie Gabrielle.

Former miss Florida 2016 this female angler is a rising star. She is Co host of the chevy Florida insider fishing report.keep your eye out her Brie in the future!


7. Nicole Spenc.

She is an angler/ model that is a fun girl. If she isn’t fishing or modeling she is outdoors having fun. She has one of the best pages on instagram!



6. Sara Maria.

What makes her unique is she loves the challenge of fishing from a kayak. She has battled sharks and 200+ pound groupers from her kayak!



5. Darcie Arahill.

Also know as Darcizzle offshore. She is know a full time YouTuber posting videos Monday through Friday every week! I am personally subscribed to her channel because she really knows what she is doing!


4. Brooke Thomas.

She is one of the most sponsored female anglers. She also has a huge presence on Facebook with over 750,000 people following her page!

3. Luiza Barros

She was born in Brazil and loves fish and conservation. She is part of the CCA costal conservation association. She fishes in many different tournaments around the world and has over 154k follower on instagram!

2. Emily Riemer.

She is from Florida and has caught many different large fish around the world.

1. Michelle Clavette.

I think it is obvious why she goes by bombchelle. She has over 88,000 followers on instagram and won first place for the gals in the 2014 Golden Hook guy/gal real challenge! She is very passionate about cooking different fish and is a self proclaimed chef!

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