Top 10 Things for Sportsmen to Do While Quarantined

Things are looking rough right now. The coronavirus is spreading and people are being encouraged to stay indoors and avoid other people. If you are like me that can be extremely difficult. I do not like sitting around doing nothing, I need to be busy and doing something.

So I came up with my top ten things sportsmen can do while under quarantine.

10. Build a Stick Bow

I have always wanted to make my own bow, my biggest constraint has been time. If I end up in quarantine I will have plenty of time so I might as well give it a try. There are plenty of resources online to help you get started.

Here is a video from the Kentucky Fish and game, but there are others that will help you get started.

9. Learn a New Wild Game Recipe

If you have a full freezer from last hunting season you might as well try your hand at learning a new way to cook. There are lots of good recipe sights online but my favorite is Hank Shaw’s website. Hank is the king when it comes to wild cooking. He has amazing recipes that are simple to follow, and some of them do not take a lot of fancy ingredients, so you can use what is around the house and not have to worry about going shopping.

8. Buy a Muzzleloader Kit

This goes along the same lines as making your own bow. They sell muzzleloader kits, so you can build your own. My cousin got one for Christmas one year and he had a lot of fun putting it together. Many companies offer them and they have a lot of designs to choose from. Traditions have a good selection you can check out HERE. Wouldn’t be cool if you were able to kill a deer next year with a muzzleloader you built yourself?

7. Learn to Tie Flies

From what I hear this is really relaxing and you get a huge sense of accomplishment when you catch a trout on a fly you tied yourself. There are tons of resourses available and even beginner kits you can buy.

Here is a video I found interesting.

6. Read a Few Hunting Books

A lot of good hunting books have been written and if you are stuck indoors you might as well take advantage of the time and catch up on some reading. A quick search on Amazon will reveal a bunch of interesting titles and most are available in Kindle so you can download them straight to your phone. You can get my first book Why We Hunt: The Five Motivations of the Modern Hunter and my second book The Deer Stand Devotional will be available soon.

5. E-Scout for Your Next Hunt

Just because you can not physically go to a place does not mean you can’t scout at least some of it out. Google maps can give a ton of insight about an area that you have never been to. I found a small tucked away honey hole for ducks on public land using it. So go find a new place to hunt or a new area to explore after all this blows over.

4. Practice with Your Bow

It is never too early to start practicing. Get out into the backyard and start shooting your bow. You can never be too ready for deer season and if you can’t shoot in your back yard you can always make a range in your garage or basement. Shooting at short ranges is better than not shooting at all.

3. Binge Watch Hunting Shows

If I can’t go hunting myself the next best thing is to watch some quality hunting shows. Youtube, Amazon Prime, and even Netflix have really good hunting shows on them. Three of my favorite are MeatEater, Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg, and Solo Hunter. There are plenty of other good ones too. So live vicariously through them while you are stuck indoors.

2. Find a New Adventure

I always try and find something new to try every year. It does not even have to be expensive. It can be something as simple as learning to set bank lines for snapping turtles (I learned that a few years ago) or you can go the other direction and plan a trip out west. There are plenty of things to learn and try and there are tons of resources online. So find something you would like to go do and learn all you can about it and when all of this blows over go do it.

And Finally Number 1… Sneak Out and Go Hunting or Fishing

The goal is to not be around people, so why not go out into the woods or to the lake and be alone? Hunting and fishing are the perfect activities to do during this hard time. Turkey season is just around the corner and the fishing is starting to heat up. So if you have a secluded cabin in the woods go there or if you have a hidden fishing spot go enjoy it. Fresh air will do you good and as long as you avoid people you should be alright.