Top 10 Things Girls Should Know About Guys Who Hunt

Girls don’t understand what exactly they are getting with a guy that hunts.

So here is the top 10 things girls should know about us.

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Written by Tyler Mahoney

10. Will never say no to adventure and travel.

Let’s be honest we are willing to take a vacation just about anywhere. There is always something to hunt in just about every corner of the world. Even Hawaii has some of the best turkey hunting.

9. We can do more manly do-it-yourself things than regular guys.

As a hunter, we have to be real do-it-yourselfers. I’m not saying guys who don’t hunt are less of a man… Wait. Actually, that’s exactly what I’m saying. We fix and build things all the time. No, we didn’t get incredibly manly overnight but now we are wise beyond our years. As a result, we are manlier than ever and have an uncanny aptitude for making fun of all those “regular” guys that can’t quite do all the things we can.

8. Toilet humor is our bread and butter.

This shouldn’t come as no surprise. If it is just the guys sitting around the fire at hunting camp, conversations will get a bit on the crude side. We’ll talk about farts, pooping and most importantly we will talk about you. That isn’t actually bad thing either.

7. We are more spiritual and reflective.

Contrary to what my last point might make you think, guys who hunt are usually much more reflective and thoughtful about life. Spending time alone in the woods is such an amazing feeling. Getting out there before the break of dawn, we have privilege of watching the world wake up. The squirrels crawling down the trees looking for acorns. We get the best view of God’s great creation.

6. Absolutely love animals (except cats).

How can a hunter, someone who actively seeks to kill animals, love animals? It’s a strange thought but let me put it into some context for you. A hunt is an adventure, a challenge and a solution to a meat crisis. We respect the animals we pursue and fill our freezers with animals the good Lord provides. The kill is actually a very small detail in what it actually means to hunt. Hunting is also the best form of animal conservation.

As far as cats go. All hunters hate cats. they are evil creatures born from the spawns of the underworld. Everyone knows that. If your guy likes to hunt, but also likes cats, you might want to ask him if he is in fact a real hunter.